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Senior Lawyer
e-mail: lazar.milosevic@tclaw.co.rs
Phone/fax: +381 11 334-55-66; 334-52-52; 334-55-44

He baffled us for years with his red hair, temperance and sobriety that he might actually be a disguised Brit in our troop. Until we accidently, but finally, caught him in flagrante enjoying Balkan specialties. Lazar’s impeccable research sprit is equally sharp for targeting solutions of legal problems as is for excellent wine for a bargain price. Although his serenity may, sometimes, be somewhat irritating, in work under pressure, actually he is that member of our team who balances priorities, spontaneously and with tranquility, as if he were the oldest among us. And he isn’t. When he passed the bar exam, he gave us a treat with a family brandy older than he was.

Lazar is one of those rare attorneys who equally care about work and people. Even if you called him in the middle of the night, he would be able to list all facts of a particular case in chronological order, as well as to describe how the client reacted to any of them. That’s the person you’d like to have by your bed in a hospital, in the moment you just found out you’ve lost everything on the stock exchange or as the best man on your wedding. A person of trust.

He does not accept that any work cannot be done and he grabs the first opportunity by sticking to the moto “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. He loves live contact with clients and challenges that are unsolvable at first glance.

Whenever we face a problem which has to be managed with patience and charisma, we put it ad acta the moment Lazar starts dealing with it. He finds the greatest pleasure in dynamics of corporate law, investments, construction projects and dispute resolution. Although, when he pit himself against collection, he does not appease until he wins the last cent for a client. He is an expert also in the field of civil law and particularly inheritance. Nothing is ever hard for him, in life as well as in work, he always sees the good side in everything. With that attitude, he’ll live 100 years, so clients can count on him being around.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law - Belgrade University, and has been a member of our team since 2012.


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