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Managing Partner
e-mail: jasna.trifunovic@tclaw.co.rs
Phone/fax: +381 11 334-55-66; 334-52-52; 334-55-44

Even when she was little she was always on frontlines struggling for rights and justice, with eagerness and persuasiveness of a grown up. One rarely meets a lawyer who, like Jasna, has so vivid passion to learn, create and help even after 20 years of work. She refuses even the slightest possibility of defeat so relentlessly that we sometimes suspect she comes out as a winner in each (and not only legal) “battle” because she simply doesn’t know to lose. What she is capable to accomplish by uniting her knowledge, experience and persistency would probably be best illustrated by one incident: on one occasion, a newly made client’s investment became endangered in no time by a sudden amendments to the Serbian Excise Duties Law. It was obvious the problem couldn’t be solved, not even with the most creative legal interpretation. Whereas the provisions of the law were absurd and inapplicable, Jasna decided the law should be changed. Logical, is it not? Right! We were all certain that was ghost of a chance. All except Jasna, who, in somewhat more than one month, managed to get past new amendments thereby reviving the client’s business prospects. Were they so annoyed with her that it was easier to give in than listen to her further? One can only guess….

Whether she is a team leader on a due diligence, lead negotiator on a project, volunteering for the community welfare, advocating for improvement of status or achievement of interest of a particular group, or she helps an individual frightened by the remote legal system, she does it with equal passion, dedication and care. She insists that client gets the opportunity to grasp and understand all options. Variety of experiences in law practice and work with different types of clients, mixture of sharp logic, dynamics, knife-like tongue but human warmth, generate security and trust that with Jasna, you are in good hands. Whether clients come from business circles, NGOs or as individuals, her dedication, reliability and trustworthiness quickly make Jasna become a part of their team and often a friend. Probably that unique energy is the reason why they tolerate her sometimes emphasized directness and decisiveness. Nevertheless, although it looks as if she can manage all by herself, Jasna constantly encourages cooperation, team work and spirit.

She has experience in investment projects, acquisitions, privatizations, in the field of corporate, commercial and labor law. She participated in drafting the regulations regarding incorporation and work of non-profit organizations and their tax regime and she represents and advises a large number of foreign and national foundations and associations in Serbia. She is a registered representative for intellectual property rights. She worked on cases concerning media and IT law. She participated in drafting of regulations regarding public administration and local self-government as well as human rights.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law – Belgrade University, and has been a lawyer since February 1998.


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